Whol-istic Health: Chronic Back Pain


Back Pain Prevalence

Around 70% of the population suffer from low back pain in their lifetime and is the second most common (next to the common cold) reason for visits to the Doctor.  Likelihood is that you have suffered some sort of back pain in the past or currently.  What approach did you take to eliminate the pain?  Often the reply will be that exercise solved the problem.  Indeed, this is an essential part of the puzzle, but unfortunately not always the answer.


Individuality of Back Pain

The fact is that there is never a one-size-fits-all remedy for everyone.  Each person has his or her own unique answer to taking the pain away and getting back to full function.  Often the journey back to ‘pain free’ is hindered and regressed by doing whatever seemed to work for someone else, like a particular exercise or applying an ice pack or heat pad.


Assess for Success

The key to success is to assess.  When you see a specialist who can identify the mechanics of the back pain and then look into further factors, then you are equipped with the knowledge of where to start and what to do about it.  This is motivating and confidence building and has an extremely positive effect on the speed and outcome of your rehabilitation.


Holistic Approach to Chronic Back Pain

Holistic means that we will view things as a whole.  In the case of health and fitness, we will look at the whole individual.  Only when we do this and acknowledge that the human body is a system of systems will we really reach our true potential.  Whilst this is in no way diagnostic and you should always consult your GP first, these are important areas to consider as causes of back pain:

  • The Mechanics of the Injury.  What is going on at the joint, spinal, muscular level?
  • The Respiratory system.  Your breathing pattern will have a major impact on the function of your back/spine.
  • Jaw (TMJ) and Cranial (skull) alignment.  Given that we bite/chew around 4,000 times each day a structural problem can cause problems at other points (low back) in the body.
  • Vision and Hearing.  As greatly utilised sense systems, it has been observed that certain dysfunctions in hearing and eyesight can affect the posture and alignment of the body.
  • Our Organ health, such as our digestive system, liver and bladder, will impact on the levels of inflammation and strength of the body, causing pain to joints and tissues in some cases.
  • Emotions can play a significant part in our physical health as well as our mental health.
  • This is just a brief introduction and each will be covered in more detail in subsequent articles.


Treatment Opportunity in the North East

To kick-start your holistic approach to back pain (or any other health goal), the Northern Integrative Health Practice at NIHP Durham have a team of qualified and experienced practitioner who are here to make it easy for you. Just give us a call on 0191 398 0000 to book an appointment or if you have any queries contact Jack Walton on 07792 761 324 or jack@functionaltrainer.co.uk.

Next in the ‘Holistic Health Series’ we will expand on the above solutions that help overcome Chronic Back Pain.  There are many interesting and illuminating solutions to share and in the meantime if you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.