Corrective Exercise


Why Corrective Exercise?

There are many health and sports performance reasons why corrective exercise is important for you.

Your goal may be anything from alleviating pain to enhancing your athletic ability and you can achieve this through therapeutic exercise. Some of clients have reported the following benefits:

  • Alleviating back, shoulder, neck and knee pain
  • Rehabilitating sports injuries
  • Preventing re-occurrence of injuries
  • Optimising posture
  • Enhancing movement
  • Increasing strength and sports performance
  • Weight Management
  • Preventative health care


Who should do Corrective Exercise?

Due to the physical demands of our jobs, sports and daily activities in general, we can all benefit from some corrective work to create balance in the body.

However, Corrective Exercise is most important for getting back to function following pain or injury and in preventing further problems.

Using carefully designed individual-specific exercise programs, the aim is to identify, correct and enhance – see below for more details…


What does it involve?

Jack Walton - Corrective Exercise and Functional Trainer This is the key to your success in getting out of pain and enhancing your function:

  • Postural Analysis
  • Muscle Strength Testing
  • Flexibility Assessment
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Core Function Testing
  • Body Composition Measurement

One-to-One Exercise Program
You will be coached through your individualized corrective exercise program during personal one-to-one sessions. This can involve core conditioning, scientific back training, strength training, functional movements, corrective stretching and postural exercises.

Home Program
Your program will be designed so that it is suitable to be carried out at home, at your gym or purely on a one-to-one basis.

Monitoring and Re-Assessment is an essential part of the process. Such a detailed and high quality approach to exercise is quite unique and ensures optimal results.


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“Eliminate the Cause, Alleviate the Pain”
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Want to know more about Corrective Exercise?

Our aim is to help you be pain free and functional. Our approach is to not only look at the site and source of pain, but to treat the body as a whole, create balance and bringing the body out of pain and reducing the risk of injury.

A pain at the knee could actually be caused by a tightness/issue at the hip and all the knee exercises in the world will never get to the cause of the pain. We’ve always known that the body is integrated in this way… the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone etc.

The pain that you experience could actually just be a series of muscular imbalances that result in movement dysfunction. Often this can lead to chronic pain.

So what’s the answer? Get to the root cause. Corrective Exercise specialists can assess and identify these muscular imbalances and dysfunctional movements and design a program to iron them out. Did you ever think that a restriction at your ankle following a sprain 10 years ago could cause the pain in your shoulder today? Or that the tight hamstrings from your desk-job is causing your lower back pain?

Choosing the right exercise program at the right time is the key to achieving fat loss. Combining Exercise with the right nutrition and lifestyle strategies is the most effective way to achieve your ideal body composition.

“98% of people who start a diet or exercise plan to lose fat, fail.”

Be in the 2% who succeed:
It is essential that your goal is to get healthy to lose fat – not lose fat to get healthy. This subtle difference is the reason why building robust health and balance in your body and mind will enable you to achieve your ideal body composition. Our Practitioners at the NIHP have extensively studied exercise and conditioning for body development and can help you achieve your goals during one-to one sessions. Find Out:

  • What to/ not to Eat
  • Which Exercise and How Much
  • Supplement Sense
  • Stress & Fat
  • Tips on How not to Fail

Fat Loss Secrets – Fat Loss Workshops
At the NIHP we run workshops over 12-weeks that do more than just get you to stand on the scales and then sell you some ‘weight loss’ biscuits. The process is based on assessment, individual needs and building a foundation for health.

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Low Back Pain and Sciatica
Client with a desk-based occupation presented with constant ache (5/10) in lower back and intermittent sciatic pain (10/10) down their leg when walking. Assessments highlighted postural issues (anterior pelvic tilt), weak core muscles and extremely tight hamstrings. They were given a home program of corrective stretches, core conditioning and scientific back training. After 1 week the ache was down to 2/10 and sciatic pain was less frequent and intense (6/10). Following Phase 1 (4weeks), there was only occasional lower back ache at 1/10 and no sciatic pain.

Holistic Approach to Low Back Pain
I hurt my lower back a while ago and Jack Walton has helped me address specific areas like posture, flexibility and strengthening to help prevent further injury. I have learned a lot from his professional expertise and diverse understanding of how the human body functions. Guidance from an exercise specialist inspires confidence and achieves rapid results. I can even touch my toes now for the first time in my life!

Shin Splints
Fell Runner having suffered from Shin Splint pains for 15yrs. Following one Bowen session the pain was eliminated and inflammation reduced. Assessments identified imbalance at the hip and a dysfunctional core. Which was evidently causing overload at the lower leg. At the end of phase 1 of their corrective exercise program they were out road running pain free. Following Phase 3 (3months) they are back fell running pain free for the first time in 15yrs.

Weight Management
Client aiming to lose body-fat % and increase lean mass and strength. Assessments identified areas to work on included fat distribution around abdomen (related to high stress), over-training, injury, stress, hormonal imbalance, food intolerance and toxicities. Integrating nutritional principles, corrective exercise and strength training was successful over 7 months. Abdominal body fat measurement reduced by 50%, overall body fat reduced from 22% to 14%, body weight reduced by 19lbs and lean mass (muscle) increased by 7lbs. A holistic approach in action.

“Achieve your Body Development Goals”
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Paul Chek (Holistic Health Practitioner) founded the CHEK Institute to “create the foremost organization committed to excellence in education and innovation in the fields of corrective exercise and high-performance conditioning. We achieve this through revolutionary philosophies and methods in professional development, research and holistic conditioning.”

CHEK-Trained Professionals
CHEK The training and educational programs are unique. They help clients to:

  • Optimise posture
  • Eliminate back, shoulder, neck and knee pain
  • Rehabilitate sports injuries
  • Enhance movement
  • Increase strength and sports performance
  • Preventative health care
  • Work with the whole person
  • Integrate approaches such as Exercise, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Bodywork

Holistic Approach
C.H.E.K-Trained Professionals understand that the human body is a system of many complex inter-related systems. They all affect each other. Therefore the assessments carried out are detailed and cover the bodies’ systems. A CHEK Exercise Coach is skilled in human biomechanics, orthopaedic rehabilitation, physiology, and sports performance.

Being holistic involves assessing each person on a physical, mental and emotional level and when appropriate, referring out to other specialists and professionals when required.

Following comprehensive assessment a course of action will be decided upon. An exercise program may be designed together with nutritional and lifestyle programming and other methods such as bodywork. One-to-One support, Monitoring and Re-Evaluation forms an integral part of the approach to achieve success.


Your Corrective Exercise Specialist

Trevor Rutherford is your Corrective Exercise Coach in Durham


Corrective Exercise



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Corrective Exercise Coaching and Rehabilitation provides a means of improving posture, alignment, strength, flexibility and as a result freeing the body from injury and pain.

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