Tips to Avoid Overeating and feeling Bloated


The festive holidays are almost here! What I love the most during this holiday is family; the cosy and warm atmosphere and of course eating delicious food.

How can we ensure that we feed ourselves and not fill ourselves? In other words, that we eat in a more controlled way and avoid overeating and feeling bloated this Christmas. Read on to find out about different ways to avoid this negative feeling and keep on enjoying delicious food instead of ending it bloated.

Tips to avoid Overeating and feeling Bloated

#1 Start your morning with 2 eggs! By eating protein in the morning you are full for a longer period and do not need to eat much more during the first hours of the day.

#2 Prepare a papaya salad and eat it before lunch (min. ½ hour) or in the afternoon! Papaya contains the enzyme papain, this enzyme helps digest proteins resulting in a better digestion. Avoid the GM papaya from China and Hawaii.

#3 Use ginger for cooking or drink ginger tea. Ginger is a fantastic product, it relaxes the digestive system and includes an enzyme that helps digest proteins.

#4 Start your lunch and/or dinner with a bowl of soup. Soup fills your stomach and by eating soup first, you eat less the rest of the meal.

#5 Include asparagus in your Christmas meal. Asparagus reduce bloating and stimulate the good bacteria in your gut. A win-win situation!

#6 Use olive oil. Cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil is a great oil and the fatty acids that are in olive oil make you full quicker. Besides that, you also consume healthy fats and your body really needs some healthy fat (and it doesn’t make you fat, it’s the opposite)! Put a good dash of extra virgin olive oil over your just cooked meal or salad.

#7 Eat cucumber during your meal or drink it as a smoothie! Cucumber contains quercetin, this flavonoid ensures less bloating. Eat plenty of it or make a tasty smoothie.

#8 Drink peppermint tea, or chamomile tea, or chew on fennel seed. These products relax the digestive system and reduce thereby bloating.

And finally…

#9 Take your time. Chew well, do not hesitate to spend 2 hours or more having dinner and prepare a 3-or-more-course dinner! The breaks between the courses cause the food to have more time to digest.

So that’s my top tips; what are your tips to avoid overeating and feeling bloated at Christmas? Share them with us on Facebook!

A happy, healthy and a delicious Christmas to you 🙂

Madeleine Hardus

Madeleine Hardus, PhD
Certified Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach