Back Problems & Lack of Energy


I am often asked about back problems, no energy and people carrying more weight than they would like.

Most of the people I come across have the same kind of problems.

At the moment I would say about 50% of the people I have worked with are improving their health and getting the results they desire. The truth is the figure should be 100% but it is not my coaching methods which are to blame.

On the contrary, I see my system working again and again with open minded, determined people. The reason is because most people today are looking for the quick fix and are not ready to put the kind of effort in that is required to be healthy.

The 3 main areas that causes a persons health to deteriorate are:

  1. Lack of nutrition
  2. Chemical toxicity
  3. Lack of movement

When we address these issues on a consistent basis, we will begin to build health and see our problems disappear as our body moves back into balance.

Back pain and lack of energy
Image by Darwin Laganzon

How can we address these issues?

We use a proven 3 step program which will:

  • Get you out of pain
  • Help you lose weight
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Improve your posture

Step 1

Get you out of pain

When clients present with pain problems we recommend that a non-invasive soft tissue treatment be used in conjunction with nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

Step 2


Once the shoulder, neck or back pain problem is improving the next thing we do is assess that person’s posture.

Good posture keeps muscles in balance and your body well aligned, allowing optimal efficiency of the bodies systems. Poor posture places abnormal weight on joints and stresses muscles and tendons, often leading to pain.

When the muscles of the body become imbalanced, the body must compensate, this results in some muscles becoming tighter (known as tonic muscles) and others becoming weaker (known as phasic muscles).

To find these imbalances we at need to perform a comprehensive length tension relationship test, this will determine the corrective exercise for your individual structural imbalances.

Step 3

Receive an individualized designed corrective exercise program designed for your individual postural imbalances; you will receive full instructions on how to execute exercises given to you, with full knowledge and confidence that you will be able to perform the exercise program at home. Along with nutrition and lifestyles guidance.

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