Acupuncture: Traditional Chinese 54.00 (assessment) 40.00 (treatments)
Acupuncture: Facial Rejuvenation 85.00, or 480 for block of 6 sessions

Anatomy in Motion 55.00

Biomechanical Assessment 30.00 (assessment) 25.00 (reviews)

Bowen Technique 40.00

Chiropody/Podiatry 25.00 (assessment) 23.00 (treatments)

Counselling & Psychotherapy 45.00

Corrective/ Rehabilitation/ Exercise Coaching 40.00

Gift Vouchers (give the gift of less pain and better movement) – Various

Massage: Hot Stones 40.00
Massage: Deep Tissue & Sports 35.00

NeuroKinetic Therapy 55.00

Osteopathy 47.50 (assessment) 37.50 (treatments)

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Private Diagnostic Imaging Services

We can provide a professional referral to The Newcastle Clinic upon request. This gives quick and easy access to diagnostic imaging facilities including an Open Sided MRI Scanner, X-ray and Image Intensifier.

The Newcastle Clinic offer short appointment dates to ensure results from your MRI Scan or X-Ray are available to your practitioner in a quick and efficient manner. This ensures your health worries and injuries are assessed and quickly diagnosed so fast tracking your recovery at the NIHPDurham.

X-ray – 140
MRI (open-sided scanner) – 325
Ultrasound (new 512 slice machine) – 240

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