Paula’s Final Clinic at NIHP


Paula’s Final Clinic at NIHP

Firstly, it has been a total pleasure over the last 15 years to support your health and wellbeing with the Bowen Technique both at NIHP and Claypath Medical Centre in the early years.

The last 18 months have been a rollercoaster of development for Bowen, having been appointed Principal to the College of Bowen servicing practitioners worldwide, alongside research appointments that will ensure that Bowen becomes more recognised in the future.

We all know how important the Bowen Technique is for maintaining health and reducing pain in a gentle and intelligent way, using your neurological response to gain the best results. How amazing is it that your body has the answers to recovery? It just needs the right prompts and this is what we hope to demonstrate in the research. Watch this space!

Paula Esson's final clinic at NIHP

Passing the baton

As I will now be focusing efforts on my clinic and the Bowen College from a new base in Northern Ireland, my final clinic at NIHP will be Friday 7th July.

I am delighted to say that your practitioners at NIHP will be continuing with Bowen clinics at NIHP Durham and you can find their details below. They will offer you seamless care from your original treatments and have all trained under the same high standards – many with training and supervision from myself.

You can still find me in my Northern Ireland clinic if you fancy “the craic”… just call me on 07780 900 283 or leave a message via and we can make arrangements.

A huge thank you for being an inspiration and see you in the future 🙂

Best wishes

Paula Esson


Your Bowen Therapists in Durham

Agnes Chojnacka is your Remedial Massage Therapist in Durham


Wed/Thu 11am-7pm


Joanne Hewitt is your Bowen Therapist in Durham


Mon 1pm-7pm


Trevor Rutherford is your Bowen Therapist in Durham


Tue/Fri 10am-7pm


Bowen Therapists in Newcastle

Agnes: Tue & Fri 11am – 8pm
Jack: Wed 9am – 8pm | Thu 12pm – 8pm
Trevor: Mon 1pm – 8pm | Wed & Thu 10am – 8pm


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