Introducing your new Osteopath in Durham


There’s a new Osteopath in Durham!

Many of you will know that our amazing Osteopath Amanda has now started her maternity leave. We wish her all the best and look forward to meeting the little one when the time comes!

In the meantime, while Amanda prepares for motherhood, we are very lucky to have with us Fleur Watson. She has been recommended by Amanda to take care of your treatment plan while she is away.

So, let’s find out about your new Osteopath…


Fleur Watson Osteopath
Fleur Watson


Tell us a little about yourself

Hello Sacriston, I’m excited to have this chance to introduce myself you!

I’m Fleur Watson and I am a graduate Osteopath. I studied for 4 years in London, but I am from Cambridge originally. I had the opportunity to start a new job working for Amanda as she goes on maternity leave, and I have been in Newcastle for about 5 months now.


What does an Osteopath do?

I start by listening to what your problem is and how it’s affecting your life in general. I will also ask questions about your general health and lifestyle, and what’s important to you most so that we can get you back on track.

The next stage will be to then examine the health of your joints, tissues and ligaments using a sense of touch called palpation. My treatments are hands-on and involves manipulation of the spine and joints, and massage of soft tissues.

Throughout your treatment I will always explain what I’m doing, and how those actions are helping you.

I will also provide self-help tips and advice on exercise to assist your recovery between my treatments. This will prevent recurrence or worsening of symptoms.


Who would benefit from Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a treatment suitable for a variety of different people. So, whether you’re elderly, sporty, work in an office or on a building site, and for everyone in between, I’d be happy to help you.

I’ve had experience treating pregnant women too, which is an interesting area for me. But overall, I’d say I’m a jack of all trades. I tend to use quite dynamic, but gentle treatments.


What do you like most about your work?

My favourite part of the job is the feeling you get when you’ve made a big difference to someone’s symptoms, so they can begin to get back to doing what they enjoy.

It’s a difficult but rewarding job to say the least.

As your new Osteopath in Durham, I’d love to help if you have any queries about the pain or aches you are experiencing.


Any top tips?

If you find yourself hunched over your desk or electronic devices all day, the best thing is to take regular breaks, even to just walk around for a minute or so.

Another handy tip would be to have a smaller bottle of water by your desk than you do at the moment. That way, you’ll be more likely to get up and fill it more often, and you can have a little stretch whilst you do so.


What do you like doing when you’re not working?

I like to explore the city, especially as I am new up here, finding new places to eat/drink/shop. I also enjoy cooking, music, and of course, binging Netflix series!


Osteopathy appointments with Fleur

Book a complete Osteopathy assessment and treatment plan with Fleur, your new Osteopath in Durham. To find out more details first, claim your FREE consultation today.


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