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Zenergize Free Pilates Taster Session in Durham

Zenergize Pilates in Durham

Hi, my name is Marie Nesbit and I am founder of Zenergize Pilates in County Durham.

Zenergize is the official Pilates provider for NIHP Durham. I would like to offer you a FREE PILATES Taster Session as I work closely with the Northern Integrative Health Practice in Sacriston and share the same passion to help you feel great!

We now have a Pilates classes which is ideal for beginners, on Thursday evenings from 6-7pm at NIHP Durham

If you can’t make this class, but would like to benefit from your FREE Pilates Taster Session, just check out the Zenergize website for a time and place that suits you best.


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a safe system of mind-body exercise using a floor-mat or a variety of equipment. It was developed in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates who took the most effective elements from dance, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, skiing, circus training and weight training, to develop a system of exercise which he believed promoted the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

Zenergize Pilates in Sacriston, DurhamPilates is an excellent rehabilitation system for back, knees, hip, shoulders and repetitive stress injuries. It addresses the body as a whole, correcting the body’s asymmetries and chronic weaknesses to prevent re-injury and bring the body back into balance.

This is often the recommended form of exercise by doctors and physiotherapists, and is suitable for a variety of medical conditions since many of the exercises can be adapted, modified or changed to cater for individual needs.

Pilates is extremely popular – particularly once participants experience the benefits, it is safe and effective for everyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Many sports stars use it alongside their training programs.


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