Four ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day


Massage makes hearts sparkle

It’s February! We made it through the holidays just to get inundated with notions of chocolate, flowers, bling, and extravagant weekends to ‘reconnect with the one you love’.

But what if we pass on the chocolate and cards and approach the day (or the whole month!) with a focus on connecting with the people we care about. Not just your significant other, but your best friend that you never have a chance to talk to for more than 4 minutes before a baby demands attention. Or maybe your favourite uncle who was always quick with a lousy joke and equally fast in sneaking you a biscuit when your mum wasn’t looking.


Share some time with someone
Make a date with your best friend. If you can each bring along another friend, your mum, favourite aunt, extremely sweet older neighbour who watches out for your kids, even better.

If you can’t set aside that much time with everyone’s busy schedules, drop off a piece of cake from your favourite bakery. Or keep it crazy cost effective and have your kid finger-paint a very special valentine for someone special.


Appreciate someone
Look your favourite shop keeper/ tutor/ practitioner right in the eye and say, “Thank you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you do for me. You make my life easier.”

Drop an email to your kid’s football coach and say, “Thank you. My kid loves playing football, and I really appreciate that you give your time to make that possible.”


Massage someone
I know, this sounds weird, huh? I’m a massage therapist and I’m telling you to Do It Yourself! But massage doesn’t have to be an hour long session with oils and a difficult routine.

Watch a video and treat your partner to a hand or foot massage. Grab this amazing book, Once upon a touch… story massage for children, and learn how to massage your favourite little buddy.


Give the gift of massage
You can pick up a gift voucher right here. The beauty of one of our Gift Vouchers is that they can be used for almost any of the services we provide – just take your pick.


Bonus: Connect with YOU. Not everyone schedules regular treatment top-up, and that’s okay. But if it’s been a while, maybe it’s time to practice a little self-care and get yourself a treatment, too. The best gift you can give the people you love is a happy, healthy you!

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These are just a few suggestions. Have you got any out of the box ideas? Tell us your plans in the comments below…