Durham Apprentice


Project winner Danielle Bartram with Judges Mel Frence and Mamie Simmonds

NIHP recently had the honour of supporting a youth programme organised and run by Durham Rotary Club, loosely based on the Apprentice. The project for the girls involved was to arrange a large celebration fundraising event for St. Cuthbert’s Hospice.

Starting with 10 girls they worked in two teams with a team leader and after each round 2 were removed, new teams created with a new team leader until they got down to the final three, and then the winner was chosen by interview.

Pictured is project winner Danielle Bartram with Judges Mel Frence and Mamie Simmonds. NIHP is proud to provide a community cash award in recognition of her initiative and hard work to become project winner – Congratulations Danielle!



Contestants gained the experience of working in teams to study the operations of local businesses; the products and services of those businesses; the marketing and selling of those products and services; the staffing of those businesses and some of the financial issues which focused and completed to a strict timetable.

Team interviews followed each project and programme finalists assessed at a series of short individual interviews. All contestants were awarded a certificate of participation and a cash award.



Round 1 comprised two teams of six contestants. Each team submitted a project paper in accordance with the programme details and a judge determined the winning team based upon both the paper submission and a “boardroom” discussion as is the case on the Apprentice. A further discussion took place with the losing team from which two contestants were then eliminated.

Two further competitors were similarly eliminated in each of the following three rounds.

The programme Leader determined the content and captaincy of each team before each round.

The four contestants remaining for the fifth and final round were each involved in three separate 10 minute interviews following which the winner was selected by the programme leader.



The Rotary club of Durham provided two judges and accompanied by a representative of St. Cuthbert’s Hospice.