College of Bowen Studies arrives in Durham


College of Bowen Studies

The College of Bowen Studies (CBS) has been training highly skilled Bowen practitioners across Europe for the last 25 years.

Today we are proud to announce that the head office and operations for the College are now based in the North East right here at NIHP Durham in Sacriston, and will service the training throughout the UK and Europe.

NIHP Director Paula Esson has worked on various NHS chronic pain contracts and has also run a very busy Bowen clinic for 18 years. Now the principal for CBS she advocates the Bowen Technique as one of the most accessible, affordable and effective back pain treatments available. Come and talk to us.

Best nights sleep for weeks!

Following my Bowen Technique treatment last night, I wanted to let you know Joanne, that I woke up this morning feeling ready to get straight up and face the day after the best nights sleep I’ve had for several weeks… and no cramp or creaks as I got up either!

Thank you! I feel like I’ve got my life back properly!

Alison Blackburn

The Bowen Technique has been rising in popularity as the treatment of choice for muscular pain, skeletal pain, sports injuries, fatigue, headaches and many more.

Its safe and gentle soft tissue approach appeals to many who are looking for relief and function and follows some of the most recent and interesting developments in the science of ‘the fascia’. If you want to receive help for your body and move in a more pain free way… Bowen could be the approach you need.

By booking with a Bowen practitioner in Sacriston, you know you are receiving the highest quality and attention to you as a client.

If you are considering changing career or adding to your skill base as a therapist or health professional, have a look at the College of Bowen Studies website for their practitioner training courses.

Bowen resolved my back pain

Bowen treatments have resolved my back pain and immobility problems caused through a number of unfortunate falls and twists over the years. Also lymph flow has improved and swelling eased in my underlying chronic lymphodema condition.

I am massively grateful that I discovered Bowen and NIHP. I unreservedly recommend the service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kim B. (57), Sunderland


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