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I was recently asked the following question:

You talk a lot about movement. Do you agree with boot camps/ cross fit as these are all movement type exercises?
– Alan P.

Hi Alan

I have to answer that question with… it depends.

The more stationary a person is, the more likely it is that their body has adapted to that lifestyle.

Slouch all day and your posture becomes slouchy.

Lean to one side as you sit at your desk and your body ‘remembers’ that comfortable position and becomes misaligned.

Ingraining those bad habits throws your body out of alignment.

Adding a lot of stress in the form of running or jumping to a weak, misaligned structure can lead to injury.

In stationary people, high impact moves can bring on sore joints, and that’s especially the case if the person is overweight, where each mile ran carries with it much more force; 2 to 4 times body-weight per stride per leg, running a half marathon, that’s on average 750 strides per leg per mile… that’s 9,750 single leg impacts at 2 to 4 times your body-weight!

If you have bad movement patterns, the potential rewards from high impact stuff just aren’t worth the risks.

If you’re stationary in your work and lifestyle, simply spending some time to check your movement and spending some time to ease into a workout routine that focuses on improving your mobility, before going too hard, too soon.

Mobility work can help to clear up your faulty movement patterns, whilst boot camp and cross fit work will help you feel and look better once your movement has been screened.

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Trevor Rutherford
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