Back Pain Choices


Back pain can really make your life miserable and preoccupy every thought in a busy life.

Medication is fantastic for pain relief, but this is time limited and most of us don’t really want to take them for extensive periods of time.

You now have Back Pain Choices…

  • Rest, wait and hope
  • Keep moving, wait and hope
  • Medicate up, mask the real problem, keep going, and hope


Act quickly!

Receive effective relief by opting for treatment. Choose one that you feel comfortable with. Our professional team are here to help at the #NIHPDurham. We spend 12 hours a day working with backs.

Work on a strengthening program.

Alter your lifestyle or your work environment.

Physical therapy for back pain management
Photo by Karolina Grabowska – Pexels

Back Pain Choices to prevent your back from “going“

I’m not sure where they go… however, this is a phrase we all know!

  • Reduce all the clobber we carry about. Clobber that we have to carry about would benefit from being reduced in volume. A recent return trip to Iceland was made significantly different with the rucksack by trusting I did not need a wardrobe to clothe an army.
  • Wear layers when the weather cools down. The original “vest” is perfect, if not totally attractive.
  • Change the seat height in your car. Take your hips above your knee height if you can, or as close as you can. Straighten up your legs when driving. Take tension off your lower back.
  • Move your TV so that is in line with your eyes. I love curling up on the sofa, but 3 hours like that is a recipe for stiffness.

Try these easy tips out and see how you get on.

Prevention is always a fun thing to measure… because it hasn’t happened yet.

Make your Back Pain Choices today

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