Avoid Gardening Aches & Pains


The gardening season is about to start and with it for many people the “achy back” season!


What can you do to prevent back ache?

Heavy and unusual physical work can cause sore muscles and a feeling of heaviness in the lower back, neck, arms and even legs. This feeling usually is more noticeable when we try to move after a period of rest but usually disappears when we start moving around and it is often forgotten about after a couple of days.

In this case a hot bath and a massage will help to make you feel better and get ready for another lovely day in the fresh air.

Working in a bent position for prolonged time though, can strain not only muscles but also ligaments of the spine and intervertebral discs and the small joints between two vertebras. In this case you will possibly experience a painful stiffness in the bottom of the spine, which can develop into breathtaking sharp pain and sciatic pain down the back of the leg.


What can you do to prevent sciatic pain?

1. Warm up before you start any physical activity. Just a couple of simple stretches and movements will help you to avoid a bad surprise.

2. Try to stretch your back, regularly arching it back if you spend lots of time bent over.

3. Stretching exercises for your hamstrings, back and neck after you finish. Have a warm bath or shower and avoid sitting or slouching for long periods (watch TV with a pillow supporting the small of your back) or ideally go for a short walk.

If the back hurts try slowly to arch it backwards then sit and stand upright and gently squeeze the stomach and buttock muscles for 5 seconds and release. Repeat this 6 times. This helps to improve the blood circulation in the muscles.

Avoid sitting in low chairs and alternate rest with gentle movement and short walks. If this is already very painful or causes more pain you should seek medical attention by a professional.

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Stretches before and after gardening

This image is a page from the book of Stretching by Bob and Jean Anderson. There are some very good stretching exercises which we recommend to patients.