What patients say

What patients say about NIHP Durham…

Able to help reduce the pain

My experiences with NIHP have always been really positive. They are always able to find the areas which are giving me the most bother, and are able to help reduce the pain.

Everybody who works there are very friendly and make me feel welcome. I would recommend NIHP Durham to anyone.

Andrew E. (28), Durham

Really helped me to unwind

Carlee has been an absolute pleasure to see as a therapist over the last few weeks. She has really helped me to unwind and has made me feel completely at ease. Her treatments have been a rare opportunity to relax, and I can’t rate her friendly and caring personality highly enough. Thank you.

Mark R. (39), Durham

Dynamite at releasing tension

I came to NIHP Durham because of severe pain in my lower back and each leg. After my first session I really felt a difference. Each session brought more relief and stronger flexible joints.

Amanda may be small but she is dynamite at releasing tension. Very professional and super friendly. I would certainly recommend using this service.

Diane W. (51), Sacriston

Fabulous Reflexologist

I’ve been seeing Judith for a long time after being recommended to her by a friend. I can say she’s a fabulous reflexologist and have recommended her to friends who also think she’s brilliant. She takes time to get to know you and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. I highly recommend her.

Maureen K. (55), Stanley

Able to return to work sooner

After suffering a very painful bout of sciatica I visited NIHP for Osteopathy. The treatment aided and sped up my recovery so I was able to return to work sooner than expected.

All of the staff were extremely helpful and gave sound advice. I have used NIHP Durham before for deep tissue massage and I would not hesitate to recommend to all my family and friends seeking a very helpful and professional service.

Charles D. (47), Sacriston

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My shoulder is now pain free

I had a shoulder problem which was very painful, and I was unable to use my left arm without pain.

I was made to feel very at ease and comfortable by the Osteopath. The treatments were very painful at the time, and sore for a few days afterwards. However, with exercise to do at home between treatments I felt better and could move more each week, with the pain receding.

My shoulder is now pain free and my neck and shoulders are much more relaxed.
Linda V. (52), Sacriston

Acupuncture for knees & hips

Jill treated my knees and hips with Acupuncture, successfully easing the pain and improving my general wellbeing.


Running was very difficult and painful

I came to NIHP Durham after hurting my ankle. I was training for the Great North Run at the time and I found running very difficult and painful. After many recommendations from family, I saw Amanda for treatment and it really improved my ankle strength and reduced the pain I would feel after running. The stretches also given to me have worked wonders and I feel so much better.

After a few appointments I was able to complete a 9 mile run without any pain the next day. Thank you so much for your help I can’t recommend you highly enough!

Carol W. (37), Chester-le-Street

I am super happy I found NIHP

I booked an appointment with Agnes for Deep Tissue Massage because my neck was stiff and I could not turn it. I had tried to treat it with heat as well as paracetamol which didn’t work. I will be honest and say that it wasn’t fun to have treatment where it already hurts, but it felt amazing for the days following. I have continued to go back for treatment to focus on my lower back and hip. Agnes has improved my life so much as I sleep and move much better, so I will continue to go for maintenance as she is also amazing to just talk to and make all other worries disappear for that hour.

All the staff at NIHP are amazing and Stan on reception is top notch, friendly and always upbeat. Being customer facing this is a huge plus as I always get a smile when I come in and when I am leaving… and he remembers who you are! I am super happy that I found NIHP.

Janet B. (58), Houghton-le-Spring

Sciatica & Knee Injury

I was having a lot of pain and discomfort in my right upper leg due to sciatica. Amanda worked on my back and leg and the improvement was amazing – my leg has been numb for many years and now this has almost disappeared. I also was experiencing pain in my right knee from an old injury. Amanda manipulated my knee on each visit and gave me exercises to do to relieve the pain and it is much better now. I am happy to know that I can come back to NIHP in the future if I have any more problems.

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Lower Back Pain

I came to NIHP with pain in my lower back and had seen physios through my GP which didn’t help. After a few weeks of seeing Agnes for a deep tissue massage the pain was so much better, and now after a few months, the pain has nearly gone. It has dramatically enhanced my movement and I can’t believe how much my back has improved.

Lucy C. (20), Durham

Helped lift my “foggy head feeling”

I find all the staff at NIHP Durham very pleasant and friendly. The two therapists I have used are Jill Marks for Acupuncture and Agnes Chojnacka for Deep Tissue Massage. Both are first rate and passionate about their specialty and their breadth of knowledge is amazing.

I initially came to see Jill suffering from depression, stress and fatigue. The results were great after just one treatment, helping to lift my “foggy head feeling” – making me feel calmer, more grounded and a greater clarity of mind. I now have acupuncture with Jill once a month and I really feel it keeps me in good balance. Jill is excellent at fine tuning my treatment session to any ailments at the time so that I really get the most out of my time with her.

Jane H. (48), Durham

Running Injuries

I have had persistent lower back pain for some years now. I have switched to seeing Agnes for massage treatments and have been delighted with the help she has provided for my back pain and running injuries. I would recommend Agnes at NIHP to anybody needing massage and stretching.

Lewis A. (50), Durham

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Treatment made huge impact on my life

Osteopathy treatment has made a huge impact on my life. I didn’t realise how used to living with pain I had become. After the first session I felt relief. I have stuck to the stretching and exercise routine recommended and continue to feel the benefit. I have recommended NIHP Durham to my friends family. Fantastic all round.

Emma W. (31), Chester-le-Street

Lower Back Pain

I contacted NIHP because I had been suffering from lower back pain and muscle spasms, and exercise mainly through swimming. After Osteopathy treatment with Amanda I feel more confident to return to swimming, which I have done, and also feel I can now look forward to my upcoming holiday. I have reduced pain and discomfort and this has definitely improved my lifestyle.

Michelle E. (39), Fencehouses

Feeling more relaxed & happy

I have tried various treatments for my back problems since having surgery 10 years ago. I turned to acupuncture on the recommendation of a friend. The treatment was not an instant relief but after a while the relief I wanted has hopefully been found. I can walk more freely and feel as though I have had my legs restored to almost normal. This has resulted in me feeling more relaxed and happy now that I am not in constant pain.

Geoffrey P. (67), Durham.

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Effective treatment for sports injuries

I had no idea Osteopathy could give such effective treatment for sports injuries. This along with home exercises has improved my quality of life no end and means I can enjoy my holiday without walking problems.

Val H. (66), Durham

My shoulder injury has improved a lot

I have had a very good experience and over the 3 weeks I came to NIHP for treatment, my shoulder injury has improved a lot.

Darren S. (16), Durham

Muscle & Joint Problems

I came to the NIHP with swollen hands and painful joints. After 2 weeks of acupuncture treatment from Jill I now have less pain. I am able to open jars and bottles a lot easier – and I can even help my wife more!

Ronald B. (76), Chester-le-Street, Durham.

Shoulder injury & elbow pain

I had difficulty with a range of movements involving my right shoulder which I damaged 2 years ago. I also had pain in my left elbow which increased when I lifted or turned it.

The therapies Amanda used, and the exercises she gave me to do between sessions, resulted in a gradual improvement over a few weeks. She has also sorted out a few problems which I didn’t know I had, including problems with my knees and buttocks. I have been pleased with the treatment I’ve received.

Mary W. (62), Durham

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My leg is back to normal with no pain

I had a lot of pain down my right leg and hip. The hospital physio could not help as they did not know where the pain was coming from. Amanda pinpointed the source immediately and started Osteopathy treatment along with home exercises.

I improved with each visit and after 4 visits my leg is back to normal with no pain. I would certainly recommend other people to see the Osteopath.

William S. (72), Lanchester

I never know the needles are there

Jill is wonderful at making me feel at ease with my acupuncture treatment. She is very calming and the treatments are a pleasure to go to. I always feel I benefit so much from them. I never know the needles are there as they are very thin. I can feel myself nodding off I am that relaxed. Fantastic and totally recommend Jill.

J.A., Durham.

Improvement after 2 weeks

I had pain and stiffness in my back causing discomfort and loss of sleep. After having Osteopathy treatment at NIHP I noticed an improvement after 2 weeks, improving further after each visit (4 in total). Amanda’s help, advice and treatment have improved my mobility, Stiffness and pain is much improved.

Amanda and the reception staff are very helpful and pleasant to deal with. I will recommend your services to my friends and family.

Terry W. (62), Esh Winning

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Best nights sleep for weeks!

Following my Bowen Technique treatment last night, I wanted to let you know Joanne, that I woke up this morning feeling ready to get straight up and face the day after the best nights sleep I’ve had for several weeks… and no cramp or creaks as I got up either!

Thank you! I feel like I’ve got my life back properly!

Alison Blackburn

Bowen resolved my back pain

Welcoming and helpful reception staff. Friendly personal service – people listen!

Bowen treatments have resolved my back pain and immobility problems caused through a number of unfortunate falls and twists over the years. Also lymph flow has improved and swelling eased in my underlying chronic lymphodema condition.

I am massively grateful that I discovered Bowen and NIHP. I unreservedly recommend the service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kim B. (57), Sunderland

I would highly recommend to anyone

Before I attended the NIHP for Bowen Technique I had constant pain in both my feet and ankles. This pain was so severe at times that I became depressed and virtually housebound.

After my first treatment I could hardly believe that my feet were almost pain free… I constantly waited for the pain to return, but after my second treatment my feet were still pain free. I had one more treatment and following this have only returned for “top up” treatments.

For a man of my age, with a body riddled with arthritis, I would never have believed that a few non-invasive and gentle treatments could offer such relief. I would highly recommend the NIHP to anyone suffering pain or discomfort.

James H. (76), Spennymoor

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Within 3 weeks my pain was gone

Prior to treatment I suffered from hip joint pain which made work and sport painful. In my first Osteopathy session with Amanda she worked my whole body to find the cause of my problem. Amanda gave me treatment and some exercises to do at home and within 3 weeks my pain was gone.

A massive thank you Amanda for all your hard work and professionalism. She clearly loves her job and I would highly recommend to all of my friends.

Daryl J. (30), Durham

I was amazed at the difference

I have suffered from back pain for a lot of years now and I was taking morphine for it. I was finding that I was having to take a number of pills throughout the day to ease the pain.

Since I started Bowen treatment I haven’t taken any pills through the day and find my overall movement has improved, much more enjoyable on walks. I was amazed at the difference it has made even after the third session.

J Coltherd (66), Durham

Movement is better, looser and easier

Feeling bloody marvelous this morning after my Anatomy in Motion treatment. Seriously my hip feels much better. Movement is better, looser and easier and I really noticed the improvement in bed. I was able to relax my hip into external and internal rotation and it felt pretty comfortable.

Oh and I had a really good sleep – the first in a long while so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sharon Neely

After 4 sessions I feel great. No Pain.

When I first came to the NIHP for Bowen Technique, I was sceptical. How could something so non-intrusive and subtle be of any use, particularly when I’d been in such a lot of pain for almost half a year?

Within a week, my pain had lessened by half. After two sessions, for the first time in 5 months I had days where I forgot about my back, my leg and the ailment that had kept me from enjoying my life for so long. After 4 sessions, I feel great. No pain, not even any stiffness.

Apart from the treatment itself, the friendly manner in which advice is given makes the best experience I’ve had of health treatment by far. And believe me, I’ve tried everything.

J Kennedy (Durham)

Injury Free

I have had regular sessions at NIHP for some time now and I could not recommend them highly enough. I mainly go for pre and post race massage/treatment and have found this to have both kept me injury free and really boosted my performance.

Joe is highly qualified and his knowledge base is excellent which means he is well placed to get to the bottom of any niggles you might have. He also takes real pride in his work and I have enjoyed the range and inventiveness of the treatments. Another great aspect of the treatment is how person-centered Joe is. He puts a lot of effort into gathering any pertinent information (eg lifestyle, injury history, upcoming competition plans) and tailors sessions accordingly. In summary I would book yourself an appointment!

Owen Walpole

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Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Over the last few years anxiety and panic attacks have blighted my life. I have always been a very outgoing person who competed on my horse and organised numerous events. But these attacks took over to the point I did not want to do anything. Even cancelling a holiday the night before before as I was so terrified. I tried all lotions and potions, but was recommended by a colleague to try Acupuncture.

Whether this is a placebo or not it has certainly helped me remain a lot calmer and able to see my way through these attacks and come out the other end and am able to now get back to a normal life. I would certainly recommend trying this and hopefully feel less stressed about life. Staff were very, very helpful. Thank you.

Sue Gamble

Neck & Shoulder Tension

I feel so much better! The tension in my neck and shoulders has improved 99% – dare I say 100%. I have had a number of treatments with Joe and he does a superb job. He is a pleasant down-to-earth lad who makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet him. I will not hesitate to recommend him to friends and will certainly come to him for further appointments when I feel it necessary. Thank you Joe – you’re a star!!

Sheila Hall

Enjoying Golf Pain Free

I have played golf for many years and had two operations on my shoulder but have had pain in the shoulder blade area more or less since then. I also suffered from headaches. A friend told me about the NIHP so I decided to try it. After 3 sessions with Joe Young I did not notice at first but my headache had gone and my shoulder was very much improved. I am now able to enjoy a round of golf pain free.

Chris Robson

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High Standard of Care

I have found the pain clinic most beneficial. I have received a high standard of care from all areas; Physio, Bowen and Counselling. I feel my problems have been acknowledged and dealt with in a professional manner. From consultant to receptionist, everyone has been very nice and you are made to feel at ease. I would recommend anyone to attend.

Sheila, Durham

They Really Listen

Coming here makes me feel “worth it”. This isn’t clinical, it feels relaxed. It’s friendly and the people are welcoming. They really listen and make suggestions about how to make things happen and change things without telling us what to do.

Patient of Pain Management Programme

Calm & Relaxed

When I’ve been at the strongest point of my anger and the lowest point of hurt/pain – those nights, I’ve had 5 minutes when I went to bed to do the breathing and listened to your voice and it calmed me down, relaxed me so I could sleep.

Patient of Pain Management Programme

I Am Proud of Myself

I have been able to set myself a goal, keep to it and I have surprised myself realising I have more will power than I thought. I am proud of myself.

Patient of Pain Management Programme

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