19 years of the Bowen Technique


Celebrating 19 Years of exploration and dedication in the Bowen Technique in Durham and Newcastle

Celebrating 19 Years of exploration and dedication in the Bowen Technique

An emergency caesarian with my son Callum in 1996 brought me directly to the Bowen Technique via Julian Wilson in the Wentworth Centre, Hexham. Whilst coaching a heated game of Basketball he noticed that I was clearly in discomfort but determined to keep going.

As this day drew to a close I had experienced one of the most profound pain relief options available. Nearly 20 years on… I feel the same way.

I have taught Bowen and lectured on anatomy and function for decades and been involved with the most game-changing and exciting developments in the world with the re-conceptualisation of bodywork.

As the landscape of our understanding and learning moves on, we are beginning to experience the potential mechanisms in the physiology of the body and without pinning ourselves to one donkey as such, we keep exploring further and further to help us to help you even more.

Ongoing collaboration and teamwork with the NHS, the sphere of dissection work at Imperial College London, educating, listening and absorbing from the world experts whilst staying deeply connected to clinical work in my local environment.

These are intriguing and creative times in our field. Who benefits from this level of dedication?

You do.

I wanted to take this time to say hello to all my clients and touch base.

I realised last week that I hadn’t received a Bowen treatment in a long time… I took the time out and allowed space for this to happen.

The result?

I observed and felt the following after that session and the week following:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Sense of self
  • Significant changes in discomfort in a working day
  • Significant changes to injury experience
  • Improved connection to my movement in sport
  • Reduced aches post-sport
  • Improved flexibility
  • Ability to cope in an improved way during anything stress related
  • An increased awareness of others and the external environment
  • Calm
  • Vital and real

These responses are a clear indication that we are neurologically responding to the Bowen Technique and creating a profound alteration in the perception and experience of our body.

If the result is being “very comfortable” thank you… fantastic… I’ll have some of that please in this world that is spinning faster and faster!

Paula Esson
Paula Esson