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We can assist with a wide range of symptoms, no matter what the cause. In fact, many people are amazed to find out during an Assessment that the root of their problems can be something completely different to what they thought was the main issue.

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This clock was destined for the bin when the face paint had all cracked. But a printout from Google, bit of glue and persistence from Bill and we now have our very own #nihpdurham personalised clock 😀 Do you think we could start a new product line? Any takers?

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Great to meet everyone at Crossfit All Out this afternoon... take a look at the amazing mural on their main wall :)

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The taboos surrounding mental health and talking therapies, particularly when it comes to men, remain very real to many of us.

As you may know, Prince Harry recently spoke out about trying to deal with the death of his mother by ignoring it, and how that hadn’t really worked out for him.

There's often little cues and signals of disapproval that we receive growing up when it looks like you’re about to express fear, pain, guilt, anxiety or grief... “Stop crying, man up, shrug it off etc."

Thankfully, that's slowly been changing over the years and Harry shows us in a very public way that it is OK to speak openly about mental health issues, and that you can benefit from speaking out to friends, family and professional help anytime you need it.

Two heads are better than one. #oktosay #headstogether #nihpdurham

The links between posture and pain are unclear, but it seems pretty obvious that if you are not in a relatively neutral alignment then there is going to be additional stress in parts, and on structures of the body, where that stress is not designed to be.

So it would logically follow that this increased stress has the potential to make it more likely that you will experience pain or discomfort.

In this new article from our very own Steve Dobb, you'll find out how your body compensates for sedentary lifestyles and what you can do to work out 'kinks' in your body that you may have developed.
#nihpdurham #sacriston #physicaltherapy #anatomyinmotion

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