Pain and injury be gone!

March 2024 News: An opportunity has arisen for an experienced and motivated Chiropodist to join our expanding team. Ideally you will be experienced in the private sector and work as a self-employed Practitioner on a fee sharing basis. Our Admin team will support and promote your service as well as taking bookings, payments, and deal with enquiries.
NIHP Durham will support you and promote your treatments and services, in return we will expect you to be motivated in providing the best quality care and services for our clients. Hours to be arranged.

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Don’t wait in pain… get your life back today

NIHP Durham provides treatment and on-going support to help you achieve and maintain the best quality of life possible by relieving your pain, increasing your movement and flexibility, and improving your mental health wellbeing… all helping to get you back to what’s important.

Hands-on treatment that works

Congratulations! You’ve made the first step towards changing your life for the better…

  • We will help you find out what’s really going on, and get to the root cause of your pain
  • Hands-on treatment will start immediately that will relieve you of the pain you are suffering
  • You will be given self-help techniques to do at home, to help speed up your recovery
  • After we’ve dealt with the problem, we’ll give you the best advice for avoiding pain or injury in future

1. Pain, Ache or Injury Assessment

You need fast action to tackle the aches and injuries that have developed over time, or during lockdown, which is why treatment will start in your first session.

Like many of us, you’ve been holding off asking for help as you think the pain will go away, or you continue taking painkillers the GP gives you.

Together we’ll find the root cause of your problem. Treatment will break you free from the cycle of misery and get you back to enjoying a more active life, with friends and family.

2. Effective Treatment

Hands-on physical therapy targeted for your individual pain or injury. We can help you MOVE better, helping you FEEL better, and ultimately LIVE your life better.

We don’t claim to work miracles, and we certainly can’t promise you’ll be jumping around the room after just one treatment, but we’ll definitely help get you back on the road to recovery.

3. On-going Support

You’ll be taught self-care techniques to use at home or work, that will help prolong the good work carried on in-clinic. We will always be here to provide advice and support, even when your treatment has ended.