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We can assist with a wide range of symptoms, no matter what the cause. In fact, many people are amazed to find out during an Assessment that the root of their problems can be something completely different to what they thought was the main issue.

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Our knowledgeable and experienced practitioners will listen to your needs and provide guidance to help you achieve and maintain optimum health. They will give information on treatments that will be best suited to your specific situation, injury, aches or pain. It's an informal chat with no obligation for you to book an assessment.


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Self-care: Hand and Forearms Massage
Benefits of using an Ergonomic Mouse

Although this article deals with weight loss, it provides some good points on using mindfulness to focus on mealtimes and eating in general...

A ‘normal’ computer mouse requires you to make small, exact movements with your hands when you click, scroll and move about the desktop. These tiny muscles can be easily overworked, causing pain in these areas:
* top of the hand
* around the wrist
* along the forearm and elbow

Find out the benefits of using an ergonomic mouse.
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Joanne has been wearing her @theshyunicorn1 creation as an arm band at #nihpdurham while treating clients with #bowentherapy. It is now on our main reception for anybody to take away and share again 😀 If you pick it up let us know how you use it 👍

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